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We offer 100% protection guarantee to our clients on all our landed properties. This is because we put you first, we have done all due diligence on all our lands. In addition, your investment is safe with us because we are REAL, we are Genuine.

Yes, you can visit the property before you purchase. If you are comfortable with the description on the website, you can go ahead and pay for your desired land and obtain receipt of all payment.

YES, we own all the landed properties advertise on our website and we still have more that are undergoing purchase, as soon as we are done, we will put them on our website.

We are a REAL ESTATE Company that deals in land sales for individual and Corporate entity.

We offer flexible payment method and outright payment method depending on individual clients and their pocket. We are simply here to make your land ownership journey stress free and to make your investment safe. With us, every one can be landlord despite even a meagre salary. We have something for everyone’s pocket.

When you miss a payment, it is not an issue, we give payment extension opportunity to everyone, you can default twice in a 12months payment structure. Although, we don’t encourage this but should it happen, you are still covered.

Our refund policy is amazing, Should we need to refund you either due to inability to continue after partial payment or for any reason, we shall initiate the refund process and within 10 working days, your refund is complete.

Duration of payment varies depending on individual plan and choice of land. It always ranges between 12months to 18months.

Some of our land comes with Registered conveyance, some comes with Excision and some are free holds I.e. outside acquisition area. All in all, our lands are with rest of mind.

There are no lien on our lands.
However, there are development levy attached to each plot for purpose of road, drainage, electricity supply and so on. This cost varies depending on the land and location.
In addition, cost of survey plan and documents will be made available by the buyer at a reasonable price.
Apart from all these, there are no other charges on our land. No omo onile disturbance on all our lands. We are simply stress free.

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